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Development Environment, AI and Simulation
Machine Version 2.0

The current development environment is under full re-construction. A complete overhaul of all basic layers, library interfaces and data structures is envisaged in 2019.
New or modified features are:
- OpenGL Shading Language
- New leaner data structure
- New graphical user interface
- Pre-defined mathematical surfaces
- New Indexed Raster Surface Rendering Technique
- Indexed Neighbour Detection in Swarming Algorithm enhancing significantly the performance in huge neuron clusters
- Improved client-server architecture with server based solver to improve Artificial Intelligence and Swarming Algorithm calculation
- Improved interface to Tinkerforge API with encapsulated sensor usage
- Modernization of source-code and architecture fitting to latest Qt environment

Development Environment

Machine is an Open Source framework encapsulating several functionalities like:
- Generic Data Class
- OpenGL Layer
- OpenAL Layer
- Math and Physics Layer and Libraries
- Swarming Algorithm
- Artificial Intelligence
- Network Layer
- Charts and Text Rendering

machine code

Code is written in C++ with use of the Qt framework. Platform dependancies are reduced to ensure cross platform compilation.

Machine source code is hosted on sourceforge.net.

Artificial Intelligence

Differential equations are used to simulate artificial intelligence behaviour.

abstract synapses

Simulation Environment

Kinematics, control laws, measurements and rendering is done with Machine.