Machine v10 - Hive Mind

Uniq Things has developed an algorithm for realistic and real time swarming behaviour designed to steer and control vehicles of various types.


The swarming algorithm within Machine v10 is called Hive Mind. It is a unique functionality which can be used to steer multiple vehicles in realtime with just one operator. The software comes with various features tailored to the needs of the use case, like e.g. civil drone pilots, drone shows, delivery cargo drones and/or various military scenarios. It can be used for all services where a huge amount of vehicles have to be controlled.

Machine v10 - Hive Mind Feature List

Features Mil Civ
Cross Platform compatibility
GUI and command line interface
MAV Link Interface
Interface qGroundControl
Interface Google Earth
Vehicle steering in 3D space
Vehicle steering in 2D space
Geo-Fencing, No-Fly-Zones, Waypoints
Standard formation figures
Customization of formation figures
Automatic transition between different formation figures
Cinema4D Interface
Stand Alone mission planner
Customization of GUI
Customization of communication protocol
Customization of Hive Mind
Security patches free of charge
Quality of Live updates free of charge
Service Hotline
On-Site Service

For tool administration and user maintenance please contact the Uniq Things Service Hotline. Please mention your contract id, name and postal address.